WannaJava partners with small businesses, professional firms, non-profit organizations, and entrepreneurs to provide software solutions ranging from internal client/server applications to public-facing mobile apps. Working in partnership with your business and IT teams, we create custom software solutions to your design specifications.

When WannaJava creates a web-app solution for your organization, you do not have to move forward alone. We offer managed hosting services, with a team of experts ready to handle all web-related technology for you, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best - managing your business. A simple email to your WannaJava account manager is all it takes to update web content, alters email accounts, or perform other web-related work.

One of WannaJava's services is to implement custom mobile solutions for our clients, whether they be organizations needing an internal app for their employees or an entrepreneur with a public app idea. To keep our skills sharp, WannaJava occasionally creates mobile apps for use by the general public. Our latest contributions is TipWell, a simple, flexible restaurant tip calculator.

In 1999, WannaJava established its e-presence as a simple tutorial website to help beginning programmers learn the Java programming language. Finding it difficult at the time to locate a Java-enabled hosting company that was affordable and flexible, we began to invest in the necessary infrastructure to host ourselves. By 2001 we had decided to offer our Java-enabled hosting services to others, and WannaJava became an official Washington State company. Today, WannaJava provides a wide variety of custom software solutions to businesses, organizations, and individuals across the United States.

WannaJava's mission is to leverage the power and flexibility of Java to make technologically-rich software solutions a reality for everyone.

WannaJava uses the best tools and technologies available to provide custom software solutions that are easy to use and easy to maintain. Although not limited to Java and Java-related technologies, we have found that Java is the power-house language that fuels the large majority of software development, from simple android apps to cloud-based client/server software applications. Our long history with Java development usually makes Java-based technologies our best choice for providing you the software solutions you need on time and on target.

WannaJava will never use your personal information to send you advertising of any kind. We will also never reveal your personal information to anyone unless required by law or directed by you. We will email our clients occasionally with notifications of policy changes, server conditions, software modifications, and other pertinent information. Please note that third-party service providers have their own privacy policies. To request a list of third-party service providers with which your account may be associated, contact our support team.

WannaJava processes all payments through our authorized secure online retailer, 2CO (2CheckOut.com Inc., Ohio, USA). Clients may pay with a wide variety of credit or debit cards or through PayPal. 2CO uses the most advanced website security available to protect your payment data as it is being transmitted. For your safety, WannaJava stores no credit card or bank account information. Your payment information is entered directly into 2CO's secure location.

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact us directly.

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